Sunday, 22 January 2012

Incremental Oddity

In an unusual take on the Mediterranean tendency to incrementally develop its houses -concrete columns on the roofs of houses, with reinforcement sprouting out of them, is a common site from Nazareth to Corinth- this house spotted from the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem appears to have resolved the endemic regional desire for a 'western style' pitch roof, and the need for things to at least appear tidy, somehow not-of-the-region-where-they-are-actually-located, with the fact that they are still basically building in the region's venerable, ad-hoc tradition. So the pitch roof hovers a good 3metres or so above the current roof, waiting to be turned into bedrooms, looking very precarious on its slender steel columns (considering its weight and being located in a geologically active zone) and perhaps more perversely, totally blocking any sunlight from reaching its two solar-powered water heaters, which can be seen silhouetted underneath it in almost complete darkness. Hot water, or an absurd image of western suburbia refracted through the lens of Jerusalem planning law?

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