Monday, 28 March 2011

Japan I Miss You: Kyoto-Matsue-Kobe

^The vast catalogue of spatial games that is the ludic Kyoto Train Station by Hiroshi Hara, who should have gone on to build the world (also see the best Pomo tower in the world, the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka by him and the Yamato HQ in Tokyo)

I was supposed to be in that world on the other side of the looking glass we call Japan right now, but have put off the trip to another, more appropriate time. Instead ive gone back into my archives and trawled up a few images from my last voyage in 2006 (sadly I seem to have lost my images of Shin Takamatsu's work), during which I had unfortunately been resolved to go nowhere near a camera -to get my sketching skills back up to scratch- but during which I had luckily at a couple of points clearly directed my brother to point and shoot at a few of my favourite moments.

^Double staircases at the back of a building facing the platform in Matsue Train Station 

^Arcades under a railway viaduct in downtown Kobe 

^The most densely packed block in Kobe. Howl's Moving Castle tethered to the Kansai streets... 

^its side 

^during the day 

^matchbox houses in Kobe 

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